FoodWe pride ourselves on providing a standard of food on the track that is second to none. We understand that you need plenty of wholesome, good quality food to fuel your bodies for the arduous walk. It is also important to reward yourselves with a beautiful hot meal at the end of each long day. We provide a wide combination of fresh meals and avoid the use of dehydrated food packs. We support local villages by purchasing fresh local produce along the the track. Our porters cook all meals, however you are welcome to join in and share the cultural experience. We attempt to cater for all reasonable dietary requirements.

Sample Menu


  • Cereal (weetbix, cornflakes and porridge). Plunger coffee, tea and milo.


  • Varying combination of melted cheese, noodle and tuna tortilla wraps, Salada biscuits, salami and cup-a-soup. Large variety of condiments such as mustard, vegemite, peanut better and jam. Coffee, tea and milo.


  • We provide a diverse, tasty and nutritious combination of pasta dishes and rice based curries. Examples include tuna pasta, pesto pasta, rendang style vegetable curry, cashew and coconut milk curry. Wide variety of condiments such as chilli sauce and balsamic vinegar.
  • We source numerous fresh vegetables along the track from the local villages and ensure a high level of food preparation hygiene.


  • Popcorn and lemonade damper.
  • Snack pack provided for every client containing muesli bars, nuts and dried fruit, Gatorade, cup-a-soup.

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