Travis Hocart

Travis-HocartTravis is a passionate reader and researcher of Australian military history, which has led him to his role as a travel guide with Kokoda Courage. With a grandfather and great uncle having both served with the Australian forces on the Kokoda Track during WW2, this has led to a further bond between him and this revered chapter in Australian history.

Travis has served with both the WA Police and Australian Federal Police over the past 14 years, during which time he has progressed to the role of team leader in various high-risk police operations, leading to extensive experience in bushcraft survival, risk assessment and personal protection.

He comes from an extensive fitness background having completed his Bachelor of Human Movement degree from the University of Western Australia. His current pursuits include competitive Australian Rules football, ocean kayaking, swimming, running, mountain bike riding and golf. He has worked as a personal trainer within the private sector as well as fitness advisor for the highly trained tactical operations unit within the WA Police.

Travel has comprised a large part of Trav’s life, with an extensive resume including such regions as North America (USA and Canada), the Middle East, South East Asia, Eastern/Western Europe and Australia. Trav revels in the outdoors and is never more satisfied than when challenged by the mighty Kokoda Track and it’s assortment of obstacles and hinderances. During this walk and upon its completion, you will be touched and moved by the stories and ghosts of this brave generation of Australians and rarely will a day go by that you don’t think about your experience.

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